Saturday, February 6, 2010


The root of the word “Encouragement” means to “Put Courage Into.”

What a wonderful picture of one person standing beside another saying, “Take Courage!” God has given you the ability to be that person to others.

Ask Him to show you those who could use a kind word, an uplifting thought, a simple prayer. They could be strangers on the street or members of your own family.

Your Encouragement may just help someone walk when they might have stumbled. You might help someone stand firm instead of giving in. And Encouraging others has yet another benefit. Those around you are strengthened so they can offer you an encouraging word when YOU need one.

I think too many Christians are “dying on the Vine” for lack of encouragement from other believers.

Therefore encourage (admonish, exhort) one another and edify (strengthen and build up) one another, just as you are doing. ~1 Thessalonians 5:11

Many a time a word of praise or thanks or appreciation or cheer has kept a man on his feet. Blessed is the man who speaks such a word. ~William Barcklay

Encouragement is Oxygen to the soul. ~George Adams

Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel great, they make you feel like you, too, can become great. We tend to become what the most important person in our life thinks we will become. So be careful who you allow to become important in your life.

One of the secrets to encouraging others is to get excited about the right things. Some people get excited about pointing out mistakes or finding someone’s failures. Instead we should get excited about their strengths and the little things they are doing right.

How To Become An Encourager

1. Appreciate the Power of Encouragement ~It really is Oxygen to the soul.

2. Believe in People ~ If you don’t believe in people they won’t believe in you.

3. Build Relationships ~The closer you are, the more your encouragement counts.

4. Walk your Talk ~ Model first what you would encourage others to do.

5. Show people you think they are Important ~ Remember their names and ask for help.

6. Give people a Reputation to Uphold ~People rise to our level of expectations.

7. Reward what you Value ~What gets Rewarded gets Done!

8. Hold more Celebrations ~Acknowledging wins Motivates people to keep trying.

9. Encourage Participation and Ownership ~People don’t get down on what they’re up on.

10. Raise the Bar ~Many people will stretch to Success if Challenged.

If you’re wondering who needs encouragement, just look for the brokenhearted those who have failed, or had a set-back… isn’t that when you needed the most encouragement in life?

The wisest person pardons mistakes and even forgives intentional transgressions. In that way, he/she insures the upward spiral of their own prosperity & blessing. The inferior person cannot resist the opportunity to chastise, criticize or even condemn another and, in so doing, brings judgment and resentment onto themselves, destroying unity, and crushing enthusiasm, thereby destroying their own chances for success

Jesus was “The Great Encourager” especially of those who “Failed.”

Listen to this and Be Encouraged!

If you have messed-up, if you are not perfect, if you’re life grade is a D- guess what? God still Loves YOU! He wants to help you turn things around, He will use your Pain & and show you how to Gain!

Deb & I want to Hopefully Encourage You TODAY!

See You in Church!

Check out this STUDY TOOL …

Hope for the Discouraged Heart


Ginny S. said...

Pastor Mark, once again, I thank God for these wonderful words of "encouragement". I continue to pray for doors to open where I can help another smile or feel good. But I'll always remember the words you said about how important it is to encourage ourselves too! Those words have helped me numerous times in my journey with Christ. I pray that none should "die on the vine" and may the Holy Spirit continue to fill us and help us thrive.

Bob A said...

Encouragement is such an amazing thing!! Thank you PM for this study….

I’ve been thinking a lot about Encouragement over the past few months……I’ve been doing some scripture/soul searching on it as well. Not only have I worked on keeping my own spirits up during my wrestling match with a new job/career, but I’ve been looking for answers for others who need encouragement……or even what to say to someone like Philip the atheist we sparred with two blogs ago. And the big question that we all ask at times (especially those not in Christ) is, “Where is God when I need Him? Where was He when Haiti got hit? Where was he when I lost my job? Where was He when I found out I have cancer?

I read two great books….”Disappointment With God” by Philip Yancey and “When Life Is Hard” by James McDonald. Tremendous books…..especially “When Life Is Hard” (both on Amazon via Newlife's site)

I learned the difference between “trials” and “consequences”. We “bare up under trials" that God "allows" to come when its from nothing that we have done (remember Paul's thorn was a messenger of satan). We “repent for consequences" we suffer because of our own actions. Once we clear that up then we deal with what’s happening in our lives and seek “Encouragement” from the Holy Spirit through the scriptures, our brothers & sisters in Christ, our families, etc.

A few scriptures that became a common denominator throughout my search for some wisdom as well as tremendous “Encouragement”are..….

Job 23:10 “ 10But he knows the way that I take; when he has tried me, I shall come out as gold.”

It’s encouraging to know that on the other side of our trials, God makes us better than before….He refines us.

The following are also great encouragement during trials…..

2 Corinthians 12:7-10
1 Peter 4:12-16
James 1:2-4
Hebrews 12: 4-11

From the above I learned….

*Every trial we face is “allowed” by God for our ultimate good

*Trials don’t have to steel our Joy

*God is never MORE present than when His child is suffering

*Until I embrace my trials in submission to God, I will never reap the “good” He has intended for me

God LOVES us

Matthew 10:30 30But even the hairs of your head are all numbered.”

Psalm 56:8-9 “ 8You have kept count of my tossings; put my tears in your bottle. Are they not in your book? 9Then my enemies will turn back in the day when I call. This I know, that God is for me.”

The blog says it all......we all need encouragement like oxygen.....It has a reciprocal affect when we do it, for we in turn get lifted up and's a win win for all!!

Praise Him \O/

Bob A said...

Thank you are so right. Our biggest fear should be that we die on the vine.....that we refuse the nourishment from the vine....we stop feeding and bearing fruit.

God Bless u

Anonymous said...

Genial post and this fill someone in on helped me alot in my college assignement. Gratefulness you on your information.

Phil Morgan said...

Encouraged me! :)


NICHOLE said...


Thank you sooooooo much PM.

God's power and the very fact that He knows right where I'm at, is sometimes too overwhelming to me.

I am so thankful, for our Pastors wives, they are so encouraging, and "wise in their words"

Thank you God for being with me and for blessing me with the wisdom of these women!


Anonymous said...

Amiable dispatch and this enter helped me alot in my college assignement. Gratefulness you as your information.

Anonymous said...

pastor, I had everything a loving family, money,great job, nice home,cars, lots of friends,in two years time it is all gone now my kids tell me to go get a job,my 17 year old is pregnant, my friends snub me because they think i am going to ask them for something.It is easy to encourage and to be encouraged and sing a praise to the lord when its all good.Haven'T been to church in about a year now. People must choose the right words to encourage others and be genuine cause people with gaping wounds don't want to hear any b.s. or handed a bag of salted popcorn when they feel like they were just poisoned, beat with a bumper jack and left in the desert to die.Id rather reach for the mirage.Some people don't want help or they are to embarrassed, not all of us are the same but we need to use wise discretion when encouraging others. scripture usually works best. We will make it, we still love the lord and you all too.The family is coming back around I am getting work and I know who my real friends are, not many more than one so far. THE lord has kept us for now and only he will get the glory. I try to remember that Jesus didn't ride into town in a golden chariot but it was on a jackass.Get the hitching post and the shovel ready!