Thursday, April 15, 2010


Every day is a school of Learning if we keep our ears and eyes open…..

Each experience good and bad can teach us something if we keep our Minds open……

Seemingly unimportant Moments if linked to our past experiences can re-shape our future for good.

Here is something I learned the Hard-Way….

If We Refuse To Learn The Easy Lessons Of Life, They Get Harder!

If we miss or ignore life’s quiet whispered lessons, they return as Wake-Up Calls, and whenever God calls, we had better pick up the phone.

We can’t undo all our mistakes, all our bad judgments, all our sin, but we can Learn from them. If we don’t Learn, the Lessons get Harder….

Regretting our mistake is not the same as Learning The Lesson.

In the school of daily Life we are not here to be perfect, but to Live and Learn, to fall and rise again with God’s help. ~ To evolve and strive toward our highest God given Potential.

We are here not always to get what WE want, but to Learn and Grow, to help others in their “School” learning, and ultimately to become who God wants us to be and Needs us to be for His Kingdom.

Listen, God comforts the disturbed and disturbs the comfortable.

Two of the most power filled classrooms in Life are Relationships and Disappointments (some of you have taken these classes together..Ouch!)

Relationships can often serve as “God’s pressure cooker,” through which we gain access to self-knowledge. If we are honest it is in the middle of some relationship difficulty that we have seen parts of ourselves that weren’t as Christ-like as we had imagined ourselves to be... Remember You can Only Change YOU!

Seeing ourselves this way can birth Stubbornness or Humility……

But will you Learn?

Life is what we make it. Always has been, always will be. ~Grandma Moses

Disappointments, Adversity, Pain are another of Life’s greatest teachers if we will listen…

Physical pain, or discomfort wakes us to a physical problem and we finally make that doctors appointment, or schedule that unpleasant test we have been putting off.

Good advice often works best, when preceded by a bad scare. ~English Proverb

Some pain in life is inevitable, but as we open our minds to the Lesson it is trying to teach us.. As we allow the Holy Spirit to direct us out of the pain, suffering dissolves….

The cat, having sat upon a hot stove lid, will not sit upon a hot stove lid again. But he won't sit upon a cold stove lid, either. ~Mark Twain

Learn, the stove is not evil, the heat is the problem!!!

Repeated lessons hurt the most, so let’s all follow the example of Polly, the quick witted but foul mouthed parrot given as a birthday gift to Patty. Polly had a bad attitude and an even worse mouth, cussed like a sailor (no offense to sailors, but you know how you talk..) Patty tried playing Christian music, no change. She tried pleading, praying and eventually yelling, but Polly continued cursing. So, in a moment of desperation, Patty shoved Polly in the freezer, surrounded by frozen vegetables, fish, and chicken. Polly squawked, screeched and cussed for a few moments ~ then suddenly went silent. Worried that she may have frozen her pet, Patty quickly opened the freezer door… Polly calmly and quietly stepped out onto Patty’s extended arm and said, “I sincerely regret if my language has offended you and I offer my deepest apologies. In the future I will endeavor to correct my behavior and be a model of civility.” Wow! Patty thought great it worked. Then Polly added casually, “By the way, Patty, may I enquire as to how the chicken offended you?”

Polly decided to Learn the easy Lesson ~ a visit to the freezer instead of permanent residence.

I recently read an article by Dr. Mark Rutland…It was clever, and very thought provoking after sharing it with Deb she suggested I share it with our Blog friends, she must have known some of you are still Learning..(Like Us)

Below is a link…Read it.. Pray about it …Print it …Practice it …Pass it along…

See You in Church….

Leave “Some” Feedback…

Still Learning…Mark & Deb

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