Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Looking Backwards To Go Forward!


All my troubles seemed so far away,
Now it looks as though they're here to stay,
Oh, I believe in yesterday.

Suddenly, I'm not half the man I used to be,
There's a shadow hanging over me,
Oh, yesterday came suddenly.

Why she Had to go I don't know, she wouldn't say.
I said, Something wrong, now I long for yesterday. ~

I Don’t long for yesterday, but I do like to LOOK back and Learn.

As human beings we learn best through direct experience.

We acquire deeper wisdom through world lessons than we do through word lessons:

Word lessons teach through Concepts;

World lessons teach through Experience.

Concepts may provide a map; experience involves a journey.

No experience is ever wasted because every experience contains a lesson.

The lessons of experience are always positive even if the experience is not!

There is a story of a young scholar from a privileged family who spends most of his time reading and studying the great teachings. One day, while traveling, he comes to a wide river and finds a boatman to take him across. During the crossing, to pass the time, the scholar describes his lifetime of studies. As he does, the boatman listens attentively. Then, after a time, he says to the young man, “You have learned much, sir ~ but have you learned how to swim?” “Why, no,” he replies. “I have not.” “Then I’m afraid your knowledge is of little use,” says the boatman, “for this boat is sinking.”

Direct experience remains the most powerful teacher; a book can provide a map of the territory, a preparation that enables us to learn more from our experience. A book can help point the way, but we must still make the journey.

Experience is not what happens, but what we do with what happens. ~ A. Huxley

When we “Look Backwards” into our yesterdays we don’t have to go far to see the Faithfulness of God.

What would happen in our “Today’s” if we really Remembered what God has done for us?

Would we Doubt Less?

Would we Fear Less?

Would we Attempt More?

Would we Be Dangerous?

And Moses said to the people, [Earnestly] remember this day in which you came out from Egypt, out of the house of bondage and bondmen, for by strength of hand the Lord brought you out from this place; ~Exodus 13:3

I will [earnestly] recall the deeds of the Lord; yes, I will [earnestly] remember the wonders [You performed for our fathers] of old. ~Psalm 77:11

Be empowered by your own Yesterdays. Learn from others.

Deb & I are Thankful for our yesterdays and Gods unfailing faithfulness.

Let’s keep looking backwards so we can move forward as a church.

See you in Church.

Check out the attached Study Tool: “A Vision of God’s Faithfulness”

Hey! How about a little feedback? Just say Hi. Tell us where you are. Tell us something you learned by “Experience.”


Ginny S. said...

When I look back, I can see God's new mercies in so many ways. They truly are new every morning. I am so thankful that my lessons of experiences have brought me on a journey that has helped me to stay focused on God and what is right, true and of good report. I can finally say that God has empowered me to get out of my sinking boat and I can now direct my energies and knowledge which I have gained from my "yesterdays" and make a difference in His kingdom. I don't like alot of my yesterdays, but I surely do like all I'm learning. To be on a journey between pain and peace is a place for learning, patience and an opportunity to get ever SO CLOSE to our Lord. Thank you, Pastor Mark for helping in my journey.

Anonymous said...

Pastor mark. Love the picture!! Blog is great. And Twitter as well, how Tech of you.

Anonymous said...

When I look back I SEE what God has done in my life. Wow!
I thank God for my church New Life. Great Teaching. Great worship. Great People.
I am in part who I am today because I came to this church 11 months ago.
1 regret: did not come sooner.

Anonymous said...

I admit I do not like to LOOK BACKWARDS. Too much “Stuff” back there.
But after I read the attached study I was filled with wonder as I looked back and SAW GOD “IN ALL MY JUNK!”
Thanks Pastor Mark

Anonymous said...

OMG - you look mahvelous! LOVE the new pic, pastor!

Have a beautiful day...

kronickwino said...

Looking through the windshield and not the rear view mirror has been a motto I hear about constantly. Although, one has to consider what's behind them in order to keep moving forward. I look back to see how much the Lord has taken me through to become a strong, independent woman who can finally start to share her testimony in life. I feel very blessed everyday. This is a great blog!

Bob A said...

Thank you PM for the wisdom.

When I look back I can't believe what I see....I Thank our Father every day for saving me from myself when I was so completely lost. I was completely drowning in sin and woke up with my face in the pig's trough.

Praise God for His goodness, mercy and loving kindness. I will NEVER go back to that trough again....I pray in Jesus name !! \O/ Amen

I've mentioned it before....this is a great song, "Mighty To Save"......listen, you will be blessed. Praise Him \O/

Anonymous said...

Man what a bible service tonight at new life! I need to modify. I want to modify. I CAN modify.
Thanks Mark for great teaching. If you are not going to this series you are nuts!!! Can’t wait for next Thursday.

Anonymous said...

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GB said...

Thanks to Gods mercy on me, I have seen true miracles in my life! He has brought me through an empty childhood, through sin, through loneliness, through bitterness, into a marriage to a beautiful husband, through miscarriages, through cancer, into the miracle of my two beautiful children. He continues to show me the way and I am ever so grateful to his love for me. I continue to pray that one day my wonderful husband will join me in church and lead this family to a much greater joy, in Gods precious name AMEN. May God bless each and every one of you!!

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