Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Instructions given by somebody who controls something or somebody; Management; Control and supervision; a feeling of having a definite goal or purpose; Prescription; either verbal or written; instruction in what manner to proceed.

If we are facing in the right direction, all we have to do is keep on walking.

Why is it so easy to “Give Direction” yet so hard to “Receive Direction?”

When we “Give” Direction, our motive is pure, we only want to help, we don’t assume to be superior, we just might have traveled that road; that experience.

But when “Someone” wants to “Direct” us we assume all these truths to be reversed.

What’s their Motive, are they trying to ruin me? They just think they are better than me!

Dude! We are so suspicious.

President Woodrow Wilson once said, “I not only use all the brains I have, but all I can borrow.”

Listen, we even struggle with taking “Direction” from God. Unless of course He happens to agree with us.

In all your ways know, recognize, and acknowledge Him, and He will direct and make straight and plain your paths. ~Proverbs 3:6

Socrates said, “Whatever authority I have rests solely on Knowing how little I Know.” It would seem to me that such Not-Knowing –Humility in the face of the mysteries of life

could open the door of our hearts to the Divine Director.

God’s earth abiding presence….”The Holy Spirit.”

This Heaven sent “Director” of surrendered lives, has our best interest at heart.

He knows when to say “Action” “Cut” “Print” ….. Go Stay wait

He has direct access to the plans and purposes God the Father intended for you and your life. He has the script…Not just today’s lines; He knows how this movie ends!

He can warn us of Impending danger. Recognition of His Voice could stop countless deaths, tragedies and difficulties.

Many broken homes and marriages could be transformed by hearing and abiding His Direction.

His voice can unlock waves of favor and blessing, He can connect you with uncommon people. Recognition of His Direction brings Inner Peace.

Confusion Is The Proof Of Rejected Truth.

Stop discussing your problems with someone incapable of solving it.

Start asking the Holy Spirit to Lead You. To Show You!

Imagine an all-wise, all knowing guide living inside you, waiting to answer all your questions….

He will Talk to you If You Listen to Him.

Joy Is The Divine Reward For Discerning The Divine Purpose Of The Immediate Moment.

Hey! Deb & I are praying for you to receive direction. So pray for us!

See You In Church

Got a few Minutes Check out the attached “Study Tool” ~ Also read the “Comment Question” below…Let’s hear from you, your thoughts! Leave comments below. (:

Walk This Way (Study Tool)

Comment Question??

Do you believe spirituality and an active religious life has anything to do with physical health and well being?


Ana Minnig said...

Great Study PM
Yes I do believe there is a correlation between the two. I believe God wants us to do well both spiritually and physically…….John said so through the spirit

3 John 1:2-4 (New King James Version)
2 Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers. 3 For I rejoiced greatly when brethren came and testified of the truth that is in you, just as you walk in the truth. 4 I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth.[a]

The whole concept of our “direction” being dictated by our Father and the Holy Spirit is so true, having known what happens when the opposite is true. Romans 8 is a mind blowing chapter. It’s a scary thing to know that when the mind is set on the flesh or opposed to God’s mind-set in the Spirit, we don’t even have the ability to submit to His ways or please Him in any way. It’s like a trap; a drug; like chains that bind us. Thank God for verse 15 that those chains that bound us are gone and we can now cry Abba Father!!

V26 thru 39 are the BEST!! It is sooo comforting to know that now that we are free, we are free indeed and NOTHING can separate us from God’s love…..that’s why we must RUN to HIM !!

Check this song out….another great praise song we should adopt…..the lyrics speak to the direction we are moving in now at New Life.

I WILL RUN TO YOU 8 minute rendition

Praise Him !!! \o/ \O/

Mark said...

Thanks for the “Comment”
Fabulous Insight and Honesty!!
A VERY Well thought out response. Great THINKING!!
Pastor Mark.

Bob and Ana said...

ooops Ana Minnig AKA Ana Arnzen sent from her computer

Bob A said...

PM and PJ tell me these aren't 6 04 Praise Songs ?????







Check em out......\O/\0/\o/

Bill said...

Awesome Blog PM
This really spoke to me today! Also Ana's response to the question was fantastic! I agree it is a scary thing to think that anytime we act in the flesh, we can loose the "light" that directs us and it quickly puts us off track. I am learning that "cruise control" in my life isn't an option. Psalm 1 talks about how if we "habitually" think and meditate on God's laws (His Word, the LIVING Word) that we will prosper. And the reason we will prosper, interestingly enough is found in one of the scriptures we read last night in Study Hall...2 Timothy 3:16, that the Word is good for correction, conviction of sin, reproof, direction... everything we need.

Every "habit" breeds success at whatever that "thing" is we are habitually doing.

Bob A said...

PM great Selah to day.

Job 38:36 (New King James Version)
36 Who has put wisdom in the mind?[a]
Or who has given understanding to the heart?

I had a portrait of both Vitruvian Man and Da Vinci's "Hands" in my office at work.....amazing to even try to comprehend the minds of these guys like DaVinci, Einstein (another favorite).

When God asked Job in Ch 38:36 I'm sure it was rhetorical....but it is amazing what God has made in all of us.

God, bless me with the ability and the will to use whatever You gave me to glorify You!! In Jesus name !!!



Bob A said...

Another Great Selah

Thank you PM for our daily bread

There's sooo much negative that surrounds us, thank God thank God thank God thank God we have these anchors to grasp onto.

Praise HIM! \0/