Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Why do the same problems keep re-appearing?

Maybe it's because Lessons Reappear Until We Learn Them.

Some of us do the same thing over and over and still expect a different result.

Intelligence allows for making new mistakes and learning from them, instead of repeating the old ones.

The more we live, the more we learn, the more adaptable we should become and the fewer mistakes we should repeat.

Learning requires change; dying to the old, giving birth to the new.

However, Nothing really Changes until We do.

Because our attention is often distracted, obscured, or lost in thought, we fail to notice many things. That is why the ability to pay attention to what is arising in any given moment - to our Actions and their Results - is one of the basic principles of living on purpose.

Failures and unwanted outcomes MUST serve to Generate new Behavior and Different Approaches.

The only real Failure is the Failure to Learn from our mistakes.

"Awareness of a Problem is Half the solution."

"The Wise Learn from Adversity; the Foolish Repeat it."

Until we become AWARE of our Actions & Attitudes we are destined to Re-peat our behavior patterns and their Consequences.

Recurring problems in our lives point to lessons not yet learned.

We know we've learned a lesson when our actions change.

Insights are powerless without behavioral change!

Knowledge + Prayer = Wisdom

Wisdom + Application = Transformation

Let's keep Growing!

See you in Church.

Mark & Deb

Be smart Read the attached Study - WISDOM


Susie Vieira said...

I was "wise" to print out all blogs & bible studys since January!!! They will be a "refresher" on the airplane and something to "chew on" while I stare at the lake and dwell on God's goodness for 2 weeks! Thanks for all the great information!

Anonymous said...

Wow! I need to learn this. Thanks pastor for another painful and insightful lesson.
“Guts are important. Your guts are what digest things. But it is your brains that tell you which things to swallow and which not to swallow.” Austin Dacey

Anonymous said...

“The function of wisdom is to discriminate between good and evil.” Cicero
Thanks for the “Knowledge”

Anonymous said...

“It is no longer enough to be smart -- all the technological tools in the world add meaning and value only if they enhance our core values, the deepest part of our heart. Acquiring knowledge is no guarantee of practical, useful application. Wisdom implies a mature integration of appropriate knowledge, a seasoned ability to filter the inessential from the essential.” Deborah Rozman

Bob A. said...

Thank you PM.
I guess this is where the rubber meets the road. You are so right about asking God to help us take it all in and make it part of us...selah...amen on that.

I'm thankful for my friend and bro in Christ, Shane. Mentors, friends, someone close to you in Christ is a great thing. It's tough always doing it on your own.

Hebrews 10:24-26 (Amplified Bible)
24And let us consider and give [a]attentive, continuous care to watching over one another, studying how we may stir up (stimulate and incite) to love and helpful deeds and noble activities,

25Not forsaking or neglecting to assemble together [as believers], as is the habit of some people, but admonishing (warning, urging, and encouraging) one another, and all the more faithfully as you see the day approaching.

Praise Him \O/

Tish Coleman said...

WOW! another great blog! Thank you for sharing these words of WISDOM with all of us! I also appreciated the study on emotional intelligence! These studies make you stop and say....HMMMMMMM. Thanks again!


Anonymous said...

Hey, it’s great to have these studies. Thanks.
Great way to stay in touch with my old church and pastors.
No place like New Life. Y’all are blessed in Ct.

Anonymous said...

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
Albert Einstein

LOL! My daughter quoted this at me when I was sitting at my computer, hitting the same button over and over, expecting it to finally do what it was 'supposed' to do. :-)

Thanks for the great studies and all you do for the sheep you've been entrusted with. You're awesome, dude!

Willie... said...

Wisdom. I truly need God's Wisdom as I pursue the dream that I believe He placed within my heart over 22 years ago: Rasing-up a 24 hour FM station to fill the airwaves with Christ-centered music! \o/

This Sunday's message, "Can you see it?" REALLY spoke to my heart! (Many other messages have over the years, as well!) I have "seen" this future radio station in my mind's eye for many years. Recently, I put some of those ideas into images on the computer. "VERY detailed" is an understatement! ;)

Having pursued it for over 22 years... how can I possibly give up, now?

Pastor Mark, I TOTALLY relate to your thoughts and feelings regarding the blog! I have been there, still am there, are doing and done that!! I have had several WEBsites up for years, now, with very little response. It gets VERY discouraging at times! Yet... I press on toward the goal that I truly believe the LORD has given me: That radio station!

Here's to keeping our eyes fixed upon HIM!! \o/


Shane said...

Pastor Mark....My Dear Friend,
I read your blog....a lot! It's a fantastic tool that you provide to many people all over the world. Keep writing and inspiring all of us. The much need kick in the pants at times is so wonderful to find in a blog too!!! Seriously...the bible studies and commentary on this site are nothing short of excellent. I'm sorry that I haven't left much in the comment section of late. Just been extremely busy lately plus I moved house which took me forever to do and not enough sleep and so on. so...sorry...I will do better going forward. You are the best. Keep up this tremendous work.