Tuesday, January 20, 2009

First - The Body of Christ


Who doesn’t like this word?

First! “Before the rest, preceding or ahead of any others in order”

First Place. First in Line. First to finish. First picked to be on “The” team.

Numero Uno!

The First we remember……… not so much number two.

Our First Kiss. Our First Plane ride. Our First trip to Mickey Mouse Land. Our First Born. Our First wife! (I still have mine)

Well this is our First Blog.
I’m not sure it will be as memorable as your first trip to Disney but we trust it will serve its Purpose.

The Purpose:

1. To “Connect”

Since last September when we launched our church wide initiative “Connect ~ Commit ~ Care” we have striven to make each of these words come to Life in the corporate body of New Life. We must of course First Connect with God through His Son Jesus.
 We have also sought out ways to Connect with each other and work more fluently as a Body.

Selah (our daily email Devotion) has played a major role in getting us all on the “Same Page” everyday. As of today 830 individuals are signed up and Connected.

We see this Blog as an opportunity for Deb and I to Connect with you on a variety of subjects, personal, spiritual, financial, family, some serious, some funny. We just know that as never before we need each other to accomplish what it is God has for each of us to do.

2. To Teach & Encourage

The Blog for the most part will be split into two segments one will cover the “Connecting”

We will just touch base. Fill you in on a few things, and bring some updates of things you should know about in the Body. Our goal is to do these postings weekly.

The second part we will try to add is a Bible study or thought provoking article that will bless and challenge. These will be longer and more detailed than Selah and will only be mandatory for those with lots of time to kill.

3. To Comment

This is where you’re writing skills and obvious gift of “Encourager” will come into play. (Pastor Jason will be banned from the site) At the end of each posting you will be able to leave a comment about the blog that week. We can’t wait to hear from some of you and connect like never before.

See you in Church

Pastor Mark & Deb

Read on only if you have nothing else to do.

(This is known in the industry as a Disclaimer)

Click title below . . . 

The Church—The Body Of Christ   1 Corinthians 12:12-31

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Anonymous said...

WOW . . . this looks GREAT!

Anonymous said...

this is awesome. You are big time now:)

David said...

Pastor Mark, I think it's Great! your using technology to reach beyond the walls of our Church!! Looks great!

cheryl said...


Anonymous said...

Love, Love , Love it...you go Pastor Mark.

Rick Vieira said...

Pastor Mark,

Very impressive. You've officially gone from "Book Boy" to "Techno Man"!!!

I'll look forward to this every week!


Anonymous said...

This is great...remember me when you're famous!

Shane said...

Great job Pastor Mark. I will look forward to this every week. Keep writing...I'm a big fan. One change I would like to see however....Debbie is much better looking than you so if there's only room for one picture on the front page...can it be her picture instead of yours?


Anonymous said...

Pastor Mark and Deb,
Looking foward to reading the blog just one more reason why I love this church.
Thanks Denise

Meshel Crespo said...

Pastor Mark,
Thank you so much for allowing even us Floridians (Mickey Mouse Land)LOL!! to also join in to the weekly blogs.... Not sure if you know, but I have many friends that I send your daily "Selah" to and they LOVE them.... Im sure that they will really enjoy these too....
Thanks again......
Meshel Crespo

Mark Gasparrini said...

Pastor Mark,
What a great idea to connect with the congregation and beyond. We enjoy reading the Selah's each morning and will now look forward to this as well. -Mark

Anonymous said...

Hi Pastor Mark, Did you get this idea of blogging from Rosie O'Donnell? (ha,ha)

Love it....your blog that is.

Monica said...

Pastor Mark, this is such a cool idea. When I asked God to help me find a church, I had no idea that He would provide so much more than what I asked for. I am so blessed to belong to a church that not only has great leadership but also a wonderful staff and volunteers that come up with fun and exciting ways to inspire and spread the Word. Thank you for streching yourself beyond familiar ways to connect with the body.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Pastor Mark for this first blog..... this church to me represents a true body of Christ... not perfection... I choose to be the 'freckle'!! As insignificant on the body as it may seem, what beauty it represents to our Father that it may be called a 'beauty mark'!! Many Blessing to Our Church Family in the year 2009!!!

Lorraine Udom said...

This is awesome!!!!!

Anonymous said...

With all due respect pastor, you are the jack nickleson of all pastors! Theres a first time for everything,but wife! lol. We are looking foreward to seeing more of the church really connecting,growing and reaching out to others this is definitely a plus.

Bill and Christine Ekstrom said...

We think this is a great idea and we love the Bible Study you attached. We are excited about the new ways New Life is reaching out beyond the church walls!

Bob Arnzen, White Plains said...

let me say this is great ! I love the access to some good spiritual meat and potatoes during the week....I need it.

I'm working on getting regular to Thursday nights to get my double dose of the Holy Ghost (2nd scoop!)but if I can't leave my office by 4pm I'll never make the 70+ miles and 3 hrs travel; with God's help I will as often as possible....but your able handling of God's word is truly worth it !!

God bless you and keep it up !!

Bob Arnzen, White Plains

ollie said...

"whatever means necessary" Christ.
may the Lord bless this endeavor .

Thankful Paul said...

Hello! :)

Willie... said...

Hi Pastor Mark! It's me, Willie! (I've started my letters like that for years, why break tradition?)

I think this is excellent! I love using technology to serve the LORD! Kim and I read Selah every day. I signed up, and logged Kim's computer in, also.

Monday (1/26) is a special day for me... it is the 23'rd anniversary of my Baptism. I am 46. That means that I am now entering the second half of my life, where my days of living IN Christ will finally outnumber my days of living without Him! \o/

Looking forward to where God leads us in the days ahead...


Laurajane said...

Worth reading even if you do have lots of other stuff to do and very little time to spare!

Jay O'Neill said...

Pastor Mark, I like it so far and look forward to more. Keep up the good work.


Bob Arnzen, White Plains said...

Hey Pastor Mark, just a little something I discovered for feeding on God's Word.

You and your Dad have been stressing as of late just how important it is to get your daily bread in God's word. Man how true!!
So....I just a small commercial for those in the body who are traveling a lot to and from work and need to get their Bible digestion on a daily basis....my wife just bought me a GoBible MP3 player narrated by Max Mcklean (in NIV but NKJV is also available)....it's very cool.

I just sit back on the train and subways and close my eyes and feast. There's something about listening to God's word as opposed to reading while training to and from work. For about $80 it's a great way to implant God's word on your heart and mind to the tremendous voice of Max McKlean.

See yall Thursday & Sunday....

Alley said...

Way to go Pastor Mark,
I have been attending this church for about 7 years now, I originally attended Catholic Churches and was invited to New Life. The first few times I attended I had to talk myself into staying and not running for an exit!! LOL, it was strange to me.
I love it now and would not want to be anywhere else. Besides I do not miss the sit, stand, kneel pray, stand now sit, psyche I meant stand routine done at the Catholic church..pheww! Here I am fed the word of God and have grown spiritually, mentally, emotionally...Thank you.

Florence said...

I dont attend the church but I've visited from NYC and I continually read my SELAH and now the Blog. Its wonderful!! Its good to get pure holy ghost teaching.